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  • Steel Factory BuildingHigh strength bolts are utilized to connect the parts of this product
    Our steel factory building features light weight, high strength, wide span, fast construction, low cost, fire resisting, corrosion resisting, low maintenance, easy moving, pollution-free when recycled, etc.
    This product has a service life of about 50 years. In addition it has obtained the ISO9001 quality Certificate.
  • Steel Warehouse BuildingThe main structure of our steel warehouse building is made in portal frame steel structure.
    The roof features clear span, double slope in which, the gradient is 1:10, eave height is 6m and the column space is of 6m.
    The beam column of our steel warehouse building is made using welded H shaped steel.
  • Power Plant Steel StructureOur power plant steel structure is mainly used for standing, supporting and maintaining the power equipments. Its main frame uses truss structure and H shaped steel. The floor is hot dip galvanized grid plates. Besides, the structural support mainly adopts square steel tube, circular steel tube, angle steel, etc. It is also equipped with stairs inside.
  • Coal Conveyor Steel StructureOur coal conveyor steel structure uses space truss, with section height of 2.5m, section width of 3m and span of 15m.
    The chord and web members are made of composite dual-angle steel.
    Its roof is designed with a gradient of 5%. The purlin uses thin-walled C shaped steel, and the cladding system ...
  • Heavy Steel WorkshopOur heavy steel workshop adopts monolayer steel structure, with span of 3m and space column of 7.5m. It is designed with single slop, three spans and the gradient is 5%.
    It is equipped inside with 100 ton double-beam bridge cranes, one 10 ton double-beam crane and one 3 ton electrical single-beam bridge crane.
  • Chemical Plant Steel StructureThe chemical plant steel structure is an equipment frame which used for industrial building, with structural support system. The column space is 5.5m, and the height of the frame is 25m. Beams and columns are made of welded H shaped steel, and connected by rigid joint and hinged joint. The components of the structural support system use intermeshing H shaped steel.
  • Thermal Power Plant Steel StructureOur thermal power plant steel structure is used as equipment stand, with frame structure. It is mainly made of hot rolled steel. The steel component is paint sprayed or hot galvanized. The storey mainly adopts turbogrid plates.
    Its structural support system uses square steel tube, circular steel tube, angle steel, etc. The wall cladding system is made of monolayer galvanized color steel plate.
  • Industrial Framework Steel StructureThe steel structure is used as industrial framework with structural support system. It has 16m of height, with three storeys. The column space is 6m. Its beams and columns are made of welded H shaped steel, and connected by rigid joint and hinge joint.
    The components of the structural support system are made using intermeshing circular tubes. The floor plates ...
  • Residential Steel BuildingThe residential steel building is regarded as GREEN BUILDING of the 21st century. It is an energy saving and environmental friendly building structure. It also helps saving space and meets the needs of sustainable development.
    The residential steel building is mainly composed of the awning for main entrance, corridor, open-air ...
  • Sports Stadium Steel BuildingOur sports stadium steel building includes swimming pool, two types of stair constructions, balcony, roof steel frame and overhead bridge.
    The roof structure for the swimming pool is constructed using steel truss. One of the stairs is set outdoor and made using steel. The other type of stair is mainly constructed using box column.
  • Observation Steel BuildingOur observation steel building includes steel stair in the observation tower, observation hall, multi-function hall, roof top beam of the skylight, arched roof on 1-9 axis, etc.
    The observation hall has a complicated structure, with bottom elevation of 31.5m, and top elevation of 36.5m.
    The multi-function hall adopts beam string steel tube structure. Such a structure needs stretching with ...
  • Airport Terminal Steel BuildingThe airport terminal steel building includes steel frame for aluminum alloy shutter, stair and awning support.
    The steel frame for aluminum alloy shutter uses hot rolled H shaped steel structure and is constructed using box-shaped square steel tube.
    The stair for the airport terminal steel building is made of checkered steel plate and H shaped steel.
  • Exhibition Hall Steel BuildingThe exhibition hall steel building covers 50,938 square meters, and is 32.4 meters high. The overall floor space is around 20,000 square meters. The main body of the steel building is built using steel frame structure and the other parts are reinforced with concrete frame structure. The required steel structure quantity for our exhibition hall steel building is over 4,500 tons.
  • Commercial Steel BuildingOur commercial steel building has 94.65m of height, with three storeys under ground and 22 storeys over ground. Its main body frame is of concrete structure. The other part is of steel structure, with required steel structure quantity of about 500 tons.
    The main steel components for the commercial steel building include welded box shaped steel beam-column ...
  • Modular Container HouseOur modular container house is very easy to install and it can be conveniently transported.
    Its layout is very flexible. Customers are free to combine the houses vertically or horizontally.
    The body of our modular container house is very strong. It is quakeproof and windproof.
    Our modular container house is environment-friendly and its service life is up to 25 years.
  • Flat Pack Container HouseOur flat pack container house is very easy to install and it can be conveniently transported and the overall cost is low.
    The layout of our flat pack container house is very flexible. Customers can combine the houses vertically or horizontally.
  • Mining AccommodationThe steel frame of our mining accommodation is made of Q235 steel.
    The floor girder is made of 4 mm thick steel plate, the floor purlin is made of rectangular tube with a dimension of 60 mm×40 mm×1.5mm and the floor is made of 15mm thick plywood panel or 18mm thick fiber cement siding with vinyl cover.
  • Mining CampThe wall of the mining camp is made of 50mm, 60mm or 75mm thick EPS sandwich panels. The ceiling is made of 1.2mm thick pressed steel plates with 50mm thick EPS panels.
    The doors of the mining camp are steel doors or sandwich doors and the windows are PVC windows or aluminum windows.
  • Steel Structure Building for Sinopec Qingdao Refining & Chemical Company, Ltd. The main structure of this steel structure building is made of welded H section steel Q345. Two layer primer and two layer light gray paint with a thickness of 120um is adopted for preservative treatment. Made of steel Q235, the secondary structure is composed of purlin, steel brace, tie bar, knee brace, support for steel beam and column, etc. Its preservative treatment are two layer primer and two layer light gray epoxy paint.
  • Prefabricated Steel VillaOur prefabricated steel villa is very easy to build. The construction process saves time and labor.
    It is an environment-friendly product. With good heat insulation, it saves lots of energy. And 90% of its materials can be recycled.
    Besides good heat insulation, our prefabricated steel villa is also soundproof and windproof.