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The assembled container house is easy to be constructed with larger living area due to its assembly method of connecting the house parts piece by piece. It is able to increase the accommodation area on the existing house when the number of residents increases. The smooth aluminium-alloy outer wall gives the house a beautiful appearance. The 3mm-thick steel plate makes the house firm and solid. The 60mm-thick EPS board enables the wall with good heat insulation and keeps the residents warm enough in cold winter.

Materials and Structures
1. Dimension: 6058 (L) ×2438(W) ×2590(H) mm
2. Main frame: Q 235 3mm-thick bending steel plate
3. Roof: 1.6mm corrugated steel plate
4. Roof and floor beam: 2.5mm-thick C channel steel
5. Ceiling: 60mm-thick EPS sandwich panel
6. Floor: 20mm-thick fiber cement board with 1.5mm-thick vinyl cover
7. Doors: Steel security door and inside sandwich panel door
8. Windows: Aluminium alloy sliding window
9. Light: Fluorescent light
10. Electrical system: Breaker box, circuit breaker, electrical wire, switches, sockets etc.
11. Water pipe: PPR, PAP or PEX etc.
12. Sewage pipe: PVC etc.
13. Facilities: Shower cubicle, toilet, hand basin, mirror, water heater, air conditioning etc.

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