Container House for Use in Oil Field Industry

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Container House for Use in Oil Field Industry

The oil field container house is an ideal product for accommodation in oil field. In the oil exploitation, the working location can be changed from time to time. The repeated construction of accommodation causes a high cost. Our product effectively solves this problem due to the advantage that it can be directly moved without disassembling. The size includes 6058mm×2800mm×2700m and 6058mm×3000mm×2700mm. As a medium- and small-scale container house, it is equipped with complete power and water supply. Users can install air-conditioner, water heater and other electric appliance to enjoy a more convenient life after work.

1. The steel structure is well designed. The floor is constructed with square and rectangular steel pipe. The roof is constructed with square steel pipe and C channel steel. The wall and pillar is constructed with square tube.
2. The roofing is made of 1.6mm corrugated steel plate and the ceiling is made of MDF panel.
3. The inside wall is made of MDF panel, while the outside wall is made of corrugated steel sheet.

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