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The Australian modified shipping container house is designed according to the Australian style that equipped with almost complete facility and keeps the advantage of low price. In addition to bedroom, it offers separate kitchen, bathroom and so on. By well selecting, the wall is made of 50mm-thick EPS sandwich panel to realize good heat insulation, while the window and pipe is made of corrosion-resistant PVC to prevent the damage by long-time water washing. The composite wooden floor tiles are used in general and ceramic tiles are used in the bathroom floor. To promise the safety of the house, the ceiling light and other electrical appliances are safe and the smoke detector is equipped to prevent the fires.

1. Material: ISO standard shipping containers
2. Insulation material: 50mm-thick EPS sandwich panel
3. Wall: 50mm-thick EPS sandwich panel with wall paper
4. Ceiling: integrated ceiling
5. Partition wall: 50mm-thick sandwich panel with wall paper
6. Windows: PVC or aluminium sliding window or roller shutter window
7. Doors: Steel security door, sandwich panel door, sliding door
8. Floor: composite wooden floor tiles, Vynil cover and ceramic tiles for bath room
9. Electrical system: AS/NZS standard, BS standard, VDE standard, UL standard, GB standard etc.
10. Water pipe: PPR, PEX-b, PAP etc.
11. Sewage pipe: PVC etc.
12. Light: ceiling light or fluorescent light
13. Facilities: shower cubicle, toilet, urinal, hand basin, mirror, water heater, air-conditioning, kitchen cabinet, table, chair, wardrobe, TV, fridge, bed, mattress, smoke detector etc.

1. The Australian modified shipping container house can be easily modified and decorated.
2. It can be designed with various nice appearances according to your requirements.
3. It is cost saving, labour saving, environmental friendly, and flexible in layout.
4. The Australian modified shipping container house can be delivered directly as the standard shipping container. The fittings inside is installed stably and strongly.
5. It can be delivered within 10 days not including the drawing confirmation after receiving the deposit.

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