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The Austrilian chicken shed is neatly built and shows a good resistance to rust and acid. Our poultry house also possesses high insulating property. Its steel structure features easy installation, low cost, high efficiency and great flexibility providing protection from fire, wind and lightning stirke. The poultry house can also be customized to fit individual requirements.

The Shed Composition
1. Wall Sandwich Panel: type 950 0.5/50mm fibreglass/0.4
2. Roof: type 840 steel sheet 0.5mm
3. Ceiling: type 950 sandwich panel
4. Steel Frame:
steel truss and column
RHS with 600mg hot dip galvanized
galvanized C and Z purlins
bracing steel
5. Flashing Edgefold
6. Steel Sheet Gutter with Downward Pipe and Accessories
7. Aluminum Window Frame and Window
8. EPS Sandwich Panel Door , Edgefold with Aluminum Sheet
9. High-end and Ordinary Bolt, Self-Tapping Screw, Turnbuckle Bolt etc.

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