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This steel structure building covers an area of nearly 20,000 square meters, with its distinctive height of 24m. With more demanding requirement to corrosion resistance, the construction of this building has taken us more than fours years.

1. The main structure of this building is made of welded H section steel Q345. For preservative treatment, the building adopts two layer primer and two layer light gray paint with a thickness of 120um.
2. The secondary structure is made of steel Q235 with its preservative treatment of two layer primer and two layer light gray epoxy paint. It consists of purlin, steel brace, tie bar, knee brace, support for steel beam and column, etc. The purlin is made of cold rolled C shaped steel and the tie bar is of round tube. The steel brace, lateral and column bracing are all made of round steel, with knee brace of hot- rolled angle steel.
3. The steel structure building adpots for wall and roof the sandwich panel of type1150, with the EPS Foam Density of 12kg/m2 and a thickness of 75mm.
4. Roof trim, flashing and gutter are all made of color steel sheet, with the PVC downpipe adopted.
5. The door is made of sandwich panel, and the window is PVC single glass window.

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