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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Features of our Prefabricated Steel Villa
1. Our prefabricated steel villa is very easy to build. The construction process saves time and labor. 2. It is an environment-friendly product. With good heat insulation, it saves lots of energy. And 90% of its materials can be recycled.
3. Besides good heat insulation, our prefabricated steel villa is also soundproof and windproof.
4. It is strong and stable and it can stands 8 magnitude earthquakes. Its service life can last at least 50 years without maintenance.
5. Its utilization ratio is very high. In addition it has very beautiful appearance.

Materials of our Prefabricated Steel Villa
1. The main structure of our prefabricated steel villa is made of rectangular steel tube, H-shaped steel, T-shaped steel and angle iron.
2. The wall, floor and the roof cladding are made of ALC panel and gypsum board. The floor is covered by carpet, engineered flooring, or ceramic tiles. The painting on the exterior wall is waterproof.
3. The roof tile of the prefabricated steel villa is asphalt shingle. With the application of SBS coil on the surface, the roof has great waterproofness. The insulation layer of the roof is made of XPS board or giber glass wool.
4. The prefabricated steel villa is equipped with anti-theft steel doors at the entrance of the villa and wood composite doors for inner rooms. The windows, made of PVC or aluminum, are sliding, tilt or turn windows.
5. The stairs for our prefabricated steel villa are made of wood-steel-composite or solid wood.
6. The water system is made of PRP pipes for clean water and PVC pipes for drainage and rainspout.

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