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Australia Container House
The container house project in Australia is constructed with 10 units. Each unit is made from 40' HQ container with one bedroom and one bathroom. An open kitchen is available. It is used for living camp.

Main products
  • Sandwich PanelEPS sandwich panel adopts the colored steel plate as surface board, and the self-extinguishing closed-cell polystyrene foam as core material. Produced in the automatic continuous molding machine by combining the pressed colored steel with high strength adhesives, it is a kind of high-strength composite building material. Featured with heat and sound insulation, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-bending, fast construction, durability ...
  • Metal Processing ProductThe metal processing product includes various special-shaped parts, steel structure, stainless steel, etc. We have 7-year experience in producing the forklift accessories for Nissan Company.