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Uzbekistan Logistics Warehouses
The warehouse in Uzbekistan is used as a logistic storage, covering an area of 40 000 square meters. The whole project is designed by our engineers.

1. Main steel structure: H type steel, c type steel, and z type steel.
2. Insulation material of roof and wall: 75mm glass sandwich plate.
3. Tie bar: round bar steel.
4. Edge: color steel plate.
5. Downspout: PVC

1. The Uzbekistan logistic ware house is stronger and larger with light weight.
2. The certificate ISO 9001:2008 guarantees the quality of the warehouse.
3. With short construction cycle and low cost, it is competitive.
4. It is designed with good fireproofing and good anti-corrosion
5. It is easy to move, install and repair.
6. The warehouse can be used as workshop, storage, office etc.
7. It is environmental friendly and can be used for a long time.

Main products
  • Flat Packing Container House Used as Coffee Bar The cafe container house is designed by imitating the normal cafe. With the dimension of 11500mm×2300mm×2500mm, it is medium and small-scale. Decorated similarly to the normal cafe, it has nice appearance. The most competitive advantage is that it can be freely moved to the place with more consumers. The main frame of the house is made of 4mm-thick steel sheet.
  • Flat Packing Container House The flat packing container house exported to Australia has a dimension of 11500mm×2300mm×2500mm. With a beautiful white wall, it is clean and simple. The aluminium alloy sliding door makes the users convenient to get in and out. The anti-theft screen is optional to keep the users' property safe. The house is constructed with safe power and water supply for the electric appliance and water consumption.