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Congo Steel Workshop Project
1. Main steel structure: welded H steel
2. Purlin: cold-rolled C section steel
3. Roof panel: blue glass wool sandwich panel
4. Wall: the part which is below 0.5meter is made by MU10 brick with M5 mixed mortar, another part is white glass wool sandwich panel
5. Year of construction: In 2009

Main products
  • Steel Structure Hangar in Australia The steel structure building takes up 39×32 square meters, with a partial second floor. The eave is 7.5meter high and span is 32 meters wide, with the drainage slope of 5%. The wall panel is made of color steel panel and glass wool sandwich panel with a thickness of 100m. This panel has a volume weight of 64kg/m3, conductivity factor being less than 0.045w/mk, average fibre diameter equal to or beyond 5um.
  • Steel Workshop used as Auto Parts Plant This steel workshop is used in manufacturing auto parts. The steel workshop takes up 8,000 square meters with a size of 127.5m×60m. It has an eave of 9.8meters high, a span of 48 meters and a drainage slope of 5%. The auto parts plant has the wall panel under 1.2 meters made of brick MU10 and motar M5, thus achieving a steady and reliable performance with thermal insulation.